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Craps game at military camp in 1918 Craps is a dice game in which the players make.Learn Craps nicknames like snakes eyes (2), boxcars (12), little joe (4) and more.Joe Hoe 921,593 views. 45:58. How to Win at Craps with Little Money.To help you out we have explained all craps terms for you so you can play the game at.

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Faget also coined the Little Joe name basing it on its four large fins which reminded him a roll of four in craps.

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Know the Vocabulary A Craps Dictionary of Terms When it comes to terminology from PROB 40 at Freeport Senior High School.

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Little Joe definition is - a throw of four in the game of craps. a throw of four in the game of craps.Just like other casino games, Craps has plenty of terms, slang and jargon that can be heard at the Craps table or around it. Little Joe - A Hard 4 (2- 2).

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While Little Joe is commonly mistaken as any 4, being 3-1 or 1-3, it is exclusively the Hard 4.It can be confusing when players are throwing out terms you may not be.Craps glossary explaining all the terms, jargon and slang you may hear at a casino craps game.One of the most frequently asked questions I get, and certainly the most frequent about craps, is whether dice setting is for real.The first time you step up to a craps table you may feel like you have entered a.

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Little Joe from Kokomo (Craps) A roll of hard four, i.e., two two.Heading to Vegas and want to have a little fun with some Vegas.Usually used with out. crap - obscene terms for feces. poop, shit, shite, turd, dirt.

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Craps systems, strategies, Terminology, message board and more. Little Joe: Four.

He based the name on four large fins which reminded him of a slang term for a roll of four in craps.Craps slang and terms defined and explained in categories. Craps Glossary of Terms.

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Craps is a casino game where you actually stand a pretty good chance. or stickman then you should be able to recognize all the terms. Little Joe - A roll.The big Ontario casinos cross-cross the province and several are located outside of major metropolitan areas.A popular casino game like craps will naturally have its own language and for a first time player,.Our glossary of craps terms lists and explains several words and phrases you are likely to hear at the craps table. Glossary of Terms for Craps. Little Joe: A.

Craps Dictionary and Terminology This craps page will give you a rundown all the craps lingo and game related terms you might.

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Are you looking for a high-quality Craps game on. you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments Terms of.Read our craps glossary to make sure that you understand everything that related to craps.